Rusty Nymph

About me

Hi, my name is Annie Kelly. I am working towards a PhD in Technology and Media at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I also earned my BS in Computer Science. I have been dubbed the "code witch" by people in my life because of my passion for figuring out how to build all sorts of weird interactive things. Programming, electronics, design, and fabrication are my specialties and I am always trying to learn new skills.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss contract work opportunies for any crazy original ideas you'd like to see come to life!



I like to think of interactive projects in terms of input and output. Input being something like touch, noise, data, the weather — and output as audio, visuals, motion, etc. When I am planning a project, in my head it looks like what a guitarist's pedal chain might look like. That being said, the skills I have developed align well with designing systems to do what we want all of our interactive systems to do — take some input, and turn it into something cool. This is why I've spent years working with popular physical computing technologies like microcontrollers, sensors, motors, lights, you name it.

I don't necessarily find listing things I know to be very useful, I like to think projects speak for themselves. That being said, enjoy the list of buzzwordy type things and exciting technologies below — I have played around with all of them.

Physical computing:
Raspberry Pi, Micocontrollers (Arduino, micro:bit), Brain Computer Interfaces (OpenBCI, MindWave Mobile), Electronics (sensors, circuits, conductive materials)

Mixed Reality:
AR/VR, Hardware (HTC Vive, Oculus, Kinect), Software (Unity, web VR, Vuforia, AR.js, three.js), Google Cardboard

Max/MSP, MIDI, tone.js, SuperCollider, WebAudio, DAWs (Logic, GarageBand), music theory

DMX512, Open Lighting Architecture, programmable LEDs, fiber optics

Lasercutting, sculpture, soldering, sewing, casting, basic carpentry, design

Bluetooth, Open Sound Control, TCP/UDP, HTTP, IR, WebRTC

Node.js, Phoenix, P5.js, HTML, CSS

Programming skills & languages:
Python, C#, C++, C, Java, JavaScript, Git, Machine learning, scripting, object oriented programming

Processing, p5.js, AfterEffects, gifs

Photo editing:
Photoshop, GIMP

Talk to me.